Friday, 8 May 2015

Look! A Zelfie!

All Zettel notebooks’ cover images are painted in situ in Berlin, so I thought I’d take a selfie to show one of them at the scene of the crime. Not as easy as it looks, obscuring my face (I want to retain a little anonymity), getting the scene in the frame and making sure the reflected daylight didn’t obscure the cover image. Anyway, after many tries and quizzical looks from shoppers (some of whom kindly offered help, which I had to refuse due to it being a selfie and all), here I am at the entrance to Kreuzberg’s Markthalle 9 with the 'Unhöflich’ notebook from The Launch Edition. I call this photo a zelfie and I may do some more, but then I’d love to leave that up to you – wherever you find yourself with your Zettel notebooks. Order yours here send us your zelfies to as soon as you like.  Martin Dixon

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